Health and Healing Ministries

Wholeness of body, mind and spirit is God's will for us. In support of this goal, a variety of services are offered by staff and church members including, workshops on health topics, BP screenings, and grief and spiritual counseling.

  • Lay Pastoral CallersVisit parishioners unable to attend regular services to ensure they feel connected to the church family.
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers Provide Holy Communion and Sunday Gospel reading to those unable to worship at church.
  • Pastoral Assistants Make hospital calls and are available for counseling.
  • Angel Food Ministry Prepares and delivers meals to parish members in need.
  • Prayer Chain Ministry Offers special prayers as requested by parishioners.
  • Knitting Ministry Prayerfully knits shawls and blankets to comfort those who are ill.
  • Healing Service Laying on of Hands and Holy Communion on Wednesday at Noon. (Sept. - June)

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