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Welcome, Newcomers

St. Peter's Church is a congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, part of the Episcopal Church in the USA and the world-wide fellowship of Anglican Christians, a network of national churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury in England.

Regular worship is the wellspring of our life of service to Christ at St. Peter's! Here are a few highlights of how we worship.

We'll Welcome You!

When you visit an Episcopal Church, you will be our respected and welcomed guest. The service bulletin will give you Prayer Book and Hymnal page numbers, and you will be welcome to receive Communion with us, if you choose. The services of the Episcopal Church are meant to be beautiful in their ordered dignity; both God-centered, and yet mindful of the nature and needs of human beings.

As You Enter and Leave

Ushers will greet you and give you a service leaflet as you enter. Many worshippers bow to the altar with its large cross upon entering and leaving their pew as an act of reverence for Christ. Most worshippers kneel to say a prayer of personal preparation. You can follow the service in the red Book of Common Prayer, and the blue Hymnal found in the pew racks. We ordinarily stand to sing, sit to listen, and stand or kneel for prayer. The Spirit can speak to open ears and hearts as we hear the Scriptures read and applied to our lives in the Sermon, and the living presence of Christ is offered to us in Holy Communion. The Blessing and Dismissal send us out "in the Name of Christ" to serve God in the world.

Our fellowship continues during Coffee Hour follows where you can be welcomed and meet new people.

A Worship Space to Inspire Prayer

The Altar is central, drawing our thoughts an encounter with God whose Name is honored in this place. Altar candles symbolize Christ as the "Light of the World" and flowers the beauty of God's creation. Both pulpit and lectern are used to proclaim God's Word. The large ornamental screen and window behind Altar symbolizes creation (the hand of God in the small blue window), redemption (the cross) and the work of the Spirit, (the dove and the apostles).


The Regular Services


  • 8:00 am Holy Communion "said" service in the Chapel.
    (Quiet and contemplative)
  • 9:00 am Wee Believers (an abbreviated Holy Communion for families with young children, runs Sep-June)
  • 10:00 am Holy Communion with Hymns and Choir
  • 10:00 am Sunday School (pre-school thru 5th grade, Sep-June)
    Children join parents for Holy Communion.
    Family Church monthly with kids as readers, ushers
  • 11:00 am Coffee and Fellowship
  • 11:30 am Special study or Forum, as announced


  • 12 noon Holy Communion with Healing Prayer (September-June)

Should you wish to know more about St. Peter's Episcopal Church or how one becomes an Episcopalian, we will gladly answer questions and suggest the way to membership. Call the office (973-226-6500).

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