Saint Peter's is delighted to have the opportunity to share with you in one of the most important moments of your lives - your lifelong public commitment to each other. The rector will guide and counsel you in preparation for your wedding or union. If you would like to explore having your ceremony at Saint Peter's, please email Rev. Robert C. Morris or call him at 973-226-6500.



Saint Peter's Church is committed to celebrations of the lives of those who have died. Saint Peter's will conduct funerals and memorial services for anyone upon request. The deceased need not have been a member of the parish. Saint Peter's also offers the internment in our Garth - our memorial garden. Please call the parish office, 973-226-6500, for information.



As you think about the baptism of yourself or your child, know that Saint Peter's is willing to help. Baptism is a wonderful first step in deepening our awareness of the divine presence. Baptism is all about our relationship to God and to others. Please contact the parish office for information about arranging your or your child's baptism.

Our Prayer Book tells us that Holy Baptism is especially appropriate at the Easter Vigil, on the Day of Pentecost, on the Sunday after All Saints' Day, and on the feast of the Baptism of our Lord. As far as possible, therefore, we reserve Baptisms at 10am on Sundays for these occasions.
Baptisms can also be accommodated at the "Last Chance Mass," which is held most Sundays at 5pm, from early September through late June. At least thirty days' advance notice is required. We do not ordinarily accommodate "private" Baptisms. Since Baptism is a sign of incorporation into the Body of Christ, the Church, it follows that it is best celebrated when the congregation is gathered for worship.

2017 Baptismal Dates

  • January 8
  • April 15 (evening)
  • June 4
  • September 24
  • November 5

For those who are not active members of the parish (regularly participating and contributing), an appropriate financial donation will be recommended.

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