Celebrating lifelong commitments of love between two persons is one of the Christian Sacraments. The Rector will guide and counsel you in preparation for your wedding. If you would like to explore having your ceremony at St. Peter's, please phone the office at 973-226-6500, or email Rev. Robert C. Morris. A sixty-day notice prior to the desired ceremony date is desired.


St. Peter's can support and guide you spiritually through the loss of a loved one. Funerals and memorial services are celebrated not only for parishioners but any who seek our services. St. Peter's also offers the internment in The Garth, our memorial garden. Please call the parish office, 973-226-6500, for information.


Baptism celebrates Godís loving claim on our lives, initiating us into walking the Way of Christ. As a celebration of entry into the community of Christ, baptism ordinarily takes place during the main service on stated days in the Church Year. Parents of children and adult candidates arrange a session with the Rector to discuss the meaning of this sacrament.

2017-18 Baptismal Dates

  • September 24 -- Michaelmas
  • November 5 -- All Saints Sunday
  • January 7 -- Baptism of Christ
  • March 30 -- Easter Eve
  • May 20 -- Pentecost

Please call the parish office, 973-226-6500, for information. Please give at least 30 days notice if you wish to arrange a baptism. For those who are not active members of the parish (regularly participating and contributing), an appropriate financial donation will be recommended.

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